Local Google Traffic






The vast majority of consumers search the Internet to find what they need locally. They prefer to find products and services using search engines, rather than having unsolicited advertising sent to them. Does your website come up on the first page when you search for the business type that you are?  If not, contact me for your local search marketing. I will get you found in Google local searches, get you listed on map searches and help local consumers find your business.

Search engines factor in the location of the person searching when determining what results to display. This is part of an effort to make results more relevant to the person searching by showing them what is in their local area. If a consumer searches with keywords that relate to a location or a local service, local search results will be prominently displayed to them.

While most consumers are using search engines when looking for a local business, only about 10% of those searches include a specific name for a business. This is why having your business listed online in an -easy to find- location with relevant keywords is vital.

Nearly 90% of searches for local businesses are done by searching for a category and by using keywords that describe the business or what they are looking for. When your website and business is optimized (i.e. Search Engine Optimization, SEO) for local searches, it will be categorized with terms that your customers are looking for. These keywords will then be promoted to the top of the search list through a defined SEO strategy.

“It does not matter how small your small business is, if you want people visiting with the intent of purchasing from you or doing business with you – local search optimization is crucial to making sure your business is visible online when consumers are searching for a local solution.”

Before search engine's algorithms included relevant local searches, small and local businesses had an very tough time trying to outrank major brands. Most small businesses work with limited marketing budgets, it was a daunting task to rank above global brands. Thankfully, all that has changed. Local searches today provide small and local businesses the opportunity to put their websites and businesses right in front of local customers.

If you have ever used a local search query, you will have noticed that the results are different from normal. You receive a lot more information than the standard URL and short description. Local search marketing should be a priority for every local business. Getting found in Google's local search results will dramatically increase your website's business and bring you new customers.

I cannot express enough how important Google Traffic is to your local business!

Get new customers from Google Traffic.  Your listing will include your businesses category and keywords as well as:

  • Google Map to your location (GPS)
  • Your Business Address
  • Your Telephone number
  • Open & Closed hours
  • Photos that you want listed
  • Reviews from your customers
  • Directions to your location
  • A Link to Your Website



Google – the world’s most used search engine. Google offers your business the greatest online exposure. Google local search displays a map search of local businesses and is one of the best local search marketing tools available. By listing everything correctly on your website, we can automatically propel your business to the first page of search results via local maps!

Bing – the second most popular search engine in America. Bing offers the same features as Google. When your business is listed on Bing maps, you will see your business and website on the first page.

Yahoo! Local – this is the third most popular search engine. Yahoo listing provides you with all of the benefits offered by Google and Bing. You can also pay to have more photos, links, and information and they will put your listing in bold to stand out.

Yelp – search engine is a very popular review site that ranks your website in searches. Favorable customer reviews improves your business reputation and improves search engine authority online. They also separate you from the competition when you've built up good reviews. Yelp is one of the biggest review platforms in the world, if a user types your business name into the search, your Yelp reviews will most likely show up on the first page. You should always monitor your Yelp account because it allows you to reply to customers, resolve problems, and minimize the impact of any low review scores.

In 2017, Google released a study: Understanding Consumers' Local Search Behavior. This revealed several interesting findings, including:

  • Local searches lead to more sales than non-local searches
  • Four out of five consumers want ads customized according to their city and zip code
  • Half of local searches from smartphones are for a business’s store address
  • 30% of consumers are more likely to buy in store if they know that the store is nearby

Local searches are the most profitable way for your business to interact with customers during their buying journey. Have you optimized your website for local search? If you want to propel your site to the first page, contact me for tips-and-tricks about local search marketing.